You know you’re in a wildscape when you look around and you’re amazed by what nature’s created.

It’s simple, it’s beautiful, and it just feels good.

That’s pretty much how we approach food.

Wildscape Ingredients

It means we stick with what’s simple: big chunks of vegetables, whole grains, and meat you can really taste.

We cook it all to bring out the qualities and textures that make each ingredient great, put them together in interesting combinations, and freeze it so it’s ready when you are.

Our mission is to make frozen food worth getting excited about.

Something that isn’t just good for a frozen meal, but is, itself, fundamentally delicious. Something that celebrates the vibrancy, flavors and textures that nature offers us and makes us feel as good as we do when we are close to it. Wildscape is a promise to the world that you don’t have to choose between the food you have time for and the food you really want to eat.

Wildscape Meal Plated